Horcrux, A Harry Potter TCG
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Card count: 71
Card worth: 85

Collecting (6 worth 6)
Crazy (6/15)
crazy01 crazy02 crazy03 crazy00 crazy05
crazy00 crazy00 crazy00 crazy09 crazy00
crazy00 crazy00 crazy13 crazy00 crazy00
Trading [1 point] (57 worth 57)
blubbery12.gif brilliant07.gif brilliant12.gif delivery11.gif delivery14.gif
dementors04.gif dementors07.gif dementors08.gif dementors14.gif dementors19.gif
desperate02.gif desperate03.gif freed16.gif giant06.gif gryffindor03.gif
gryffindor07.gif heir05.gif heir08.gif hippogriffs09.gif hufflepuff02.gif
items24.gif kbow.gif lordvoldemort.gif mad04.gif malicious14.gif
maze07.gif mistake15.gif moaningmyrtle.gif norbert.gif ootpcover09.gif
perfection02.gif perfection05.gif perfection08.gif petrified03.gif pixies11.gif
poesy02.gif poesy03.gif qwcgame02.gif radcliffe12.gif ravenclaw08.gif
remembrall04.gif remembrall08.gif rickman12.gif rivalry09.gif selfless08.gif
sensitive02.gif sidekick15.gif sister05.gif torture10.gif trapped13.gif
unexpected02.gif veritaserum09.gif viktorkrum.gif wise11.gif wise13.gif
wright12.gif writing06.gif
Trading [2 points] (3 worth 6)
cdfd.gif cfss.gif hppw.gif
Trading [3 points] (3 worth 9)
moaningmyrtle.gif norbert.gif viktorkrum.gif
Specials [2 points] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Events [4 points] (1 worth 4)
Layouts [3 points] (1 worth 3)
Pending Trades [1 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades [2 points] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates [1 points] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Member Cards [0 points] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (0 worth 0)

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