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Card count: 26
Card worth: 28

Collecting (13 worth 13)
Greysanatomy (8/15)
greysanatomy01 greysanatomy02 greysanatomy03 greysanatomy04 greysanatomy05
greysanatomy06 greysanatomy07 greysanatomy00 greysanatomy00 greysanatomy00
greysanatomy11 greysanatomy00 greysanatomy00 greysanatomy00 greysanatomy00
Thexfiles (5/15)
thexfiles00 thexfiles00 thexfiles00 thexfiles04 thexfiles05
thexfiles06 thexfiles00 thexfiles00 thexfiles00 thexfiles00
thexfiles00 thexfiles00 thexfiles13 thexfiles00 thexfiles15
Trading [1 point] (11 worth 11)
angel02.gif bones07.gif buffy03.gif heroes05.gif lost15.gif
niptuck13.gif simpsons10.gif supernatural05.gif supernatural14.gif theoffice01.gif
Trading [2 points] (1 worth 2)
Keeping (not for trade) [2 points] (1 worth 2)
Pending Trades [1 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades [2 points] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates [1 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (0 worth 0)

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