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Collecting & Trading Stats & Trading Log Let's Trade!

Card count: 204
Card worth: 218
Pending trades/rewards: none
Collecting (26 worth 26)
Toronto (13/15)
toronto01 toronto02 toronto03 toronto04 toronto05
toronto06 toronto07 toronto08 toronto09 toronto10
toronto11 toronto00 toronto13 toronto00 toronto15
Barcelona (13/15)
barcelona01 barcelona02 barcelona03 barcelona04 barcelona05
barcelona06 barcelona00 barcelona08 barcelona09 barcelona10
barcelona11 barcelona00 barcelona13 barcelona14 barcelona15
Trading [worth 1] (132 worth 132)
alesund12.gif alesund13.gif alesund15.gif austin03.gif austin04.gif
austin06.gif bangkok01.gif bangkok08.gif bangkok10.gif bangkok12.gif
beijing02.gif bergen06.gif berlin04.gif berlin06.gif bowling08.gif
bowling15.gif cafe09.gif cairo12.gif capetown06.gif cardiff01.gif
cardiff13.gif clubbing02.gif clubbing09.gif copenhagen03.gif cork06.gif
dogwalking03.gif dogwalking04.gif dogwalking11.gif dogwalking12.gif edinburgh08.gif
edinburgh14.gif elevated04.gif elevated05.gif elevated11.gif elevated14.gif
glasgow03.gif glasgow09.gif honolulu01.gif honolulu09.gif kualalumpur03.gif
kualalumpur08.gif kualalumpur13.gif kualalumpur14.gif lascruces02.gif lascruces09.gif
lasvegas04.gif lasvegas06.gif lasvegas15.gif libraries04.gif libraries13.gif
liverpool12.gif london06.gif london08.gif london12.gif losangeles01.gif
losangeles02.gif losangeles07.gif losangeles09.gif losangeles10.gif manchester09.gif
manchester14.gif manchester15.gif milan01.gif montreal01.gif montreal04.gif
montreal05.gif montreal07.gif montreal14.gif moscow01.gif moscow09.gif
moscow15.gif newcastle08.gif newcastle10.gif newyork04.gif newyork08.gif
newyork09.gif oslo12.gif oslo14.gif ottawa07.gif ottawa12.gif
paris06.gif paris12.gif prague13.gif prague14.gif quebec13.gif
quebec14.gif rome08.gif rome10.gif sandiego01.gif sandiego02.gif
sandiego05.gif sandiego06.gif sandiego10.gif sandiego11.gif sandiego13.gif
sandiego15.gif sanfrancisco02.gif sanfrancisco08.gif sanfrancisco09.gif sanfrancisco12.gif
scooter02.gif scooter15.gif seattle06.gif shanghai01.gif shanghai07.gif
shanghai13.gif stlouis01.gif stlouis07.gif subway01.gif subway02.gif
subway06.gif subway08.gif subway11.gif subway15.gif sydney12.gif
taxi08.gif tokyo02.gif tokyo11.gif tokyo14.gif vancouver02.gif
vancouver06.gif vancouver11.gif venice13.gif vienna03.gif vienna10.gif
vienna12.gif vienna14.gif wshopping05.gif wshopping12.gif wshopping14.gif
wshopping15.gif york13.gif
Trading [worth 2] (14 worth 28)
airport07.gif doubledecker02.gif doubledecker05.gif doubledecker06.gif doubledecker09.gif
doubledecker10.gif favclothes03.gif favclothes08.gif signs01.gif skyline05.gif
skyline11.gif skyline14.gif universities06.gif universities08.gif
Puzzles (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Keeping for Later [worth 1] (10 worth 10)
seattle01.gif seattle02.gif seattle09.gif sydney02.gif sydney04.gif
sydney06.gif sydney08.gif sydney10.gif sydney11.gif sydney14.gif
Events & Site [worth 3] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates [worth 1] (7 worth 7)
austin06.gif losangeles09.gif sanfrancisco09.gif subway15.gif tokyo14.gif
toronto03.gif toronto10.gif
Duplicates [worth 2] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (15 worth 15)

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