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Layout: Becky
Card Manager Script: Mandi

Tastiness, a Sweets TCG
Be sure to mention Becky if you join!

Collecting &Trading Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 81
Card worth: 86
Pending trades:
Collecting (10 worth 10)
Lemonade (10/20)
lemonade01 lemonade02 lemonade03 lemonade04
lemonade05 lemonade06 lemonade07 lemonade00
lemonade00 lemonade10 lemonade00 lemonade00
lemonade13 lemonade00 lemonade00 lemonade00
lemonade00 lemonade18 lemonade00 lemonade00
Trading [worth 1] (66 worth 66)
angelfood03.png angelfood16.png banananut10.png banananut19.png
biscuit04.png bread18.png brownie08.png brownie14.png
brownie20.png bubblegum01.png bundtcake14.png candybar01.png
candybar03.png candybar04.png candybar16.png carrotcake03.png
chai03.png cheesecake07.png chocchip02.png chocchip08.png
chocolate16.png chocolate18.png chocraisin09.png churro01.png
cinnroll09.png cobbler13.png coffeecake15.png cordial09.png
creampuff19.png cupcake09.png danish19.png devilsfood12.png
eclair20.png fudge17.png funnelcake05.png germanchoc02.png
hotcocoa05.png hotcocoa11.png hotcocoa17.png jawbreaker02.png
jawbreaker04.png jellybean13.png jollyrancher20.png keylime06.png
keylime12.png m&m07.png muffin11.png pecanpie04.png
popsicle03.png pudding06.png pudding19.png pumpkin06.png
pumpkinpie03.png pumpkinpie18.png sandwich05.png shortcake19.png
smarties10.png smores02.png smores09.png smores11.png
smores13.png smores18.png tart09.png tea12.png
truffle20.png upsidedown01.png
Trading [worth 2] (3 worth 6)
chocbunny04.png fortunecookie18.png prejoin05.png
Keeping [worth 1] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Puzzles (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Site Events [worth 3] (1 worth 3)
Pending Trades, worth 1 (1 worth 1)
Pending Trades, worth 2 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Member Cards (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (0 worth 0)

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