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Collecting &Trading Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 180
Card worth: 192
Pending trades:
Collecting (10 worth 10)
Cliffs (10/15)
cliffs01 cliffs02 cliffs03 cliffs04 cliffs05
cliffs06 cliffs07 cliffs08 cliffs00 cliffs00
cliffs11 cliffs00 cliffs00 cliffs14 cliffs00
Trading [worth 1] (106 worth 106)
auroraborealis04.gif auroraborealis07.gif blackwidows04.gif blackwidows05.gif
bridges01.gif bridges07.gif bridges12.gif bubbles01.gif
bubbles02.gif bubbles04.gif bubbles11.gif bubbles13.gif
butterflies03.gif butterflies09.gif castles04.gif castles09.gif
cows02.gif cows09.gif cows12.gif cows13.gif
cupcakes02.gif cupcakes08.gif cupcakes14.gif dragonflies04.gif
easter01.gif easter15.gif easterbunnies05.gif eastereggs02.gif
eastereggs05.gif eiffeltower03.gif eiffeltower10.gif eyes15.gif
eyeshadow02.gif eyeshadow14.gif grandcanyon15.gif hair05.gif
hair15.gif hamsters01.gif hamsters03.gif hamsters14.gif
hamsters15.gif hearts05.gif hearts15.gif hibiscus12.gif
hotairballoons09.gif ireland06.gif ireland08.gif jeans09.gif
jellyfish02.gif jellyfish09.gif jellyfish10.gif jellyfish12.gif
kangaroos01.gif kangaroos02.gif kangaroos10.gif kangaroos11.gif
lava15.gif leaves01.gif moon02.gif morningglories03.gif
mountains03.gif nailpolish08.gif nailpolish09.gif night05.gif
night06.gif pandas02.gif pandas14.gif penguins02.gif
penguins08.gif penguins11.gif pigs07.gif pinwheels03.gif
purses02.gif purses04.gif rain01.gif rain10.gif
rain12.gif rubberducks04.gif rubberducks10.gif rubberducks11.gif
seahorses11.gif seahorses12.gif seahorses14.gif seashells07.gif
seashells11.gif shamrocks09.gif shamrocks13.gif stormclouds04.gif
stormclouds13.gif stpattysday15.gif strawberries02.gif stuffedanimals05.gif
sunflowers01.gif sunflowers06.gif sunsets02.gif tokyo04.gif
tokyo15.gif tornadoes15.gif turtles01.gif turtles02.gif
turtles03.gif turtles06.gif turtles12.gif turtles13.gif
waterlilies02.gif windows11.gif
Trading [worth 2] (7 worth 14)
gold05.gif gold09.gif gold10.gif green05.gif
prejoin09.gif wordart0102.gif wordart0109.gif
Keeping [worth 1] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Puzzles (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Site Events [worth 2] (5 worth 10)
events01.gif events05.gif events06.gif layouts03.gif
Pending Trades, worth 1 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades, worth 2 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates (7 worth 7)
hair05.gif jeans09.gif kangaroos10.gif pandas02.gif
penguins08.gif stuffedanimals05.gif waterfalls02.gif
Member Cards (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (45 worth 45)
Windmills Cottages Waterfalls

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