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Layout: Becky
Card Manager Script: Mandi

Urban Legends, a Supernatural TCG
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Collecting &Trading Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 356
Card worth: 426
Collecting (16 worth 16)
Sincity (16/20)
sincity01 sincity02 sincity03 sincity04 sincity05
sincity06 sincity07 sincity08 sincity09 sincity10
sincity11 sincity12 sincity13 sincity14 sincity15
sincity00 sincity17 sincity00 sincity00 sincity00
Cast [worth 1] (11 worth 11)
alona03.gif alona04.gif chad01.gif chad04.gif jim01.gif
jim15.gif loretta01.gif samanthaf03.gif samanthaf07.gif sandy01.gif
Characters [worth 1] (42 worth 42)
andrea05.gif andy04.gif ansem04.gif ansem11.gif ava16.gif
ava19.gif ben04.gif ben17.gif deanben01.gif deanben04.gif
deanben09.gif deancassie03.gif deancassie04.gif deancassie06.gif deans210.gif
deans216.gif ellen05.gif haley17.gif jessica01.gif jo04.gif
johndeansam08.gif johns201.gif johns202.gif johns203.gif johns211.gif
johns215.gif mary16.gif marys206.gif marys220.gif meg09.gif
meg11.gif meg14.gif meg17.gif meg19.gif missouri17.gif
pastorjim17.gif sam08.gif sam17.gif samjess01.gif sams205.gif
samsarah06.gif tara10.gif
Episodes [worth 1] (65 worth 65)
allhellpt205.gif allhellpt206.gif allhellpt207.gif allhellpt210.gif asylum09.gif
asylum17.gif asylum20.gif blackrock16.gif bloodymary04.gif breakfast05.gif
dead15.gif deadman10.gif deadthings16.gif faith20.gif freshblood07.gif
hellhouse01.gif hellhouse15.gif hellhouse19.gif holy05.gif holy10.gif
holy17.gif home01.gif home04.gif home14.gif kidsarealright03.gif
kidsarealright05.gif kidsarealright12.gif littledream10.gif littledream20.gif lovesaclown16.gif
maleficarum11.gif maleficarum12.gif phantom06.gif phantom12.gif pilot05.gif
pilot06.gif pilot12.gif pilot19.gif prisonblues02.gif prisonblues08.gif
provenance01.gif provenance02.gif provenance03.gif provenance04.gif provenance08.gif
provenance20.gif rapidfire12.gif redsky01.gif redsky15.gif roadkill08.gif
route08.gif salvation02.gif salvation17.gif something05.gif something18.gif
spnxmas01.gif spnxmas02.gif spnxmas03.gif spnxmas04.gif spnxmas07.gif
spnxmas14.gif talltales06.gif timeofdying04.gif whatis15.gif whatis19.gif
Misc. Scenes, etc. [worth 1] (31 worth 31)
accidental04.gif accidental09.gif accidental14.gif accidental15.gif angel01.gif
angel02.gif angel03.gif angel04.gif angel05.gif angel08.gif
angel09.gif angel10.gif angel11.gif blonde09.gif breakfast01.gif
breakfast06.gif cane01.gif cane08.gif car18.gif car20.gif
crywolf13.gif darkangel212.gif houseofwax04.gif mars07.gif mars12.gif
phoenix06.gif psily07.gif psily10.gif smallville15.gif theoc02.gif
Trading [worth 2] (19 worth 38)
amulet01.gif amulet04.gif amulet05.gif amulet08.gif amulet09.gif
amulet10.gif behindthescenes01.gif behindthescenes13.gif demonjohn01.gif demonjohn06.gif
demonjohn08.gif demonjohn10.gif jj-mondo05.gif jp-lamione10.gif layout02.gif
layout06.gif s1gagreel06.gif thelife04.gif thelife11.gif
Trading [worth 3] (16 worth 48)
johnsweapons01.gif johnsweapons07.gif laptop01.gif laptop02.gif laptop03.gif
laptop07.gif laptop10.gif roadhouse05.gif roadhouse08.gif roadhouse09.gif
spirits07.gif spirits17.gif spirits22.gif spirits30.gif spirits44.gif
Puzzles (17 worth 17)
bloodymarypz01.gif bluesteelpz05.gif bluesteelpz19.gif bluesteelpz20.gif darknesspz03.gif
deanpz01.gif feb08sweeps07.gif feb08sweeps10.gif fuglypz17.gif lockedpz01.gif
officialmag1pz01.gif officialmagcollectorpz01.gif origins3pz09.gif s2finalepromopz01.gif scarygotsexypz01.gif
winchesterspz01.gif winchesterspz02.gif
Site Events [worth 3] (2 worth 6)
event07.gif event08.gif
Pending Trades (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates (2 worth 2)
deans216.gif greys11.gif
Mastered Sets (135 worth 150)
John Dean Greys Johnsam Jeffrey Wendigo Angel Journal

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