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Generation, a Decades TCG
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Collecting &Trading Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 95
Card worth: 109
Pending trades: monkees01, 02 (level up rewards)
Collecting (22 worth 22)
Themonkees (12/15)
themonkees01 themonkees02 themonkees03 themonkees04
themonkees05 themonkees06 themonkees00 themonkees08
themonkees09 themonkees10 themonkees11 themonkees12
themonkees00 themonkees00 themonkees15
Backstreetboys (10/15)
backstreetboys01 backstreetboys02 backstreetboys03 backstreetboys04
backstreetboys05 backstreetboys06 backstreetboys00 backstreetboys00
backstreetboys09 backstreetboys10 backstreetboys00 backstreetboys12
backstreetboys00 backstreetboys14 backstreetboys00
Trading [worth 1] (64 worth 64)
aliceinwonderland01.gif aliceinwonderland02.gif aliceinwonderland03.gif aliceinwonderland07.gif
aliceinwonderland09.gif aliceinwonderland15.gif angelinajolie08.gif animaniacs02.gif
animaniacs03.gif animaniacs12.gif animaniacs14.gif animaniacs15.gif
avatarthelastairbender15.gif beatleshelp14.gif dirtydancing02.gif dirtydancing08.gif
dirtydancing13.gif fredastaire08.gif freshprince01.gif freshprince02.gif
grease12.gif grease14.gif holygrail12.gif idreamofjeannie03.gif
idreamofjeannie09.gif ilovelucy08.gif ipods08.gif jemandtheholograms08.gif
johnnycash11.gif ladyandthetramp05.gif leaveittobeaver13.gif leaveittobeaver14.gif
mariahcarey11.gif marieantoinette03.gif marilynmonroe04.gif marilynmonroe15.gif
mash03.gif mash07.gif mash08.gif mash12.gif
mash15.gif memoirsofageisha14.gif merylstreep03.gif merylstreep05.gif
mylittlepony03.gif mylittlepony06.gif nsync11.gif prideandprejudice06.gif
rainbowbrite03.gif rebelwithoutacause13.gif rubikscube13.gif shera15.gif
slinkies10.gif smurfs04.gif startrek01.gif startrek03.gif
startrek05.gif startrek11.gif theaddamsfamily15.gif theblackdahlia15.gif
threelittlewords14.gif threescompany11.gif whoframedrogerrabbit13.gif wizardofoz08.gif
Trading [worth 2] (4 worth 8)
100greatesttvicons07.gif 100greatesttvicons12.gif prejoin02.gif prejoin22.gif
Keeping [worth 1] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Puzzles (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Site Events [worth 3] (5 worth 15)
events01.gif events02.gif events03.gif events04.gif
Pending Trades, worth 1 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades, worth 2 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Member Cards (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (0 worth 0)

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