March 15, 2010

Amazing circle 1

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Speaking of photos, look what I learned to do today! All the cool kids over at Plurk were doing it and I found a simple tutorial for PSP.

strawberry circle

Vamped and re-vamped!

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My TCG games have gone the way of the poor old extinct Dodo bird, I’m afraid. I miss playing them, but it seems most are not even in existence any longer. These days my time is taken up by Facebook, and working on the church web site, and keeping up with a teenager.

I’m not exactly certain what this space will become but I would like to use it as long as it’s here. I’m thinking about possibly for my photography? Time will tell. I was mourning the loss of my piddly little posts just now, but I see they were restored when I re-installed Word Press. The Automatic Upgrade I tried  was a major case of fail. It locked up, gave me error messages, and stuck me with a perpetual “site maintenance” page.

Bah. At any rate, watch this space!

October 22, 2007


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The first post is always a daunting task. This blog will be strictly used for information about updates to either the two TCGs that I run, or the status of the tcgs where I play.