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Layout: Becky
Card Manager Script: Mandi

Kingdom Animalia
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Collecting Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 476
Card worth: 526
Collecting (35 worth 35)
Blue (18/20)
blue01 blue02 blue03 blue04 blue05
blue06 blue07 blue08 blue09 blue10
blue11 blue12 blue13 blue14 blue15
blue16 blue17 blue00 blue19 blue00
Billy (11/20)
billy01 billy02 billy00 billy00 billy00
billy06 billy07 billy00 billy09 billy10
billy00 billy12 billy13 billy00 billy15
billy00 billy00 billy00 billy19 billy20
Spiny (6/20)
spiny00 spiny02 spiny03 spiny00 spiny00
spiny00 spiny00 spiny08 spiny00 spiny00
spiny11 spiny00 spiny00 spiny00 spiny00
spiny00 spiny00 spiny18 spiny00 spiny20
Trading [1 point] (228 worth 228)
aerie16.gif aerie18.gif angel02.gif angel15.gif antlers03.gif
antlers04.gif antlers05.gif antlers09.gif antlers10.gif antlers11.gif
antlers19.gif antlers20.gif armor06.gif armor07.gif armor08.gif
armor10.gif armor14.gif armor16.gif bill04.gif bill06.gif
bill16.gif bill20.gif bjorn07.gif bjorn19.gif bjorn20.gif
blubber05.gif blubber20.gif brock02.gif brock03.gif brock13.gif
brock14.gif brock15.gif brock17.gif brock18.gif brock19.gif
brock20.gif bunny01.gif bunny02.gif bunny05.gif bunny07.gif
bunny08.gif bunny10.gif bunny16.gif bunny18.gif burro04.gif
burro09.gif burro12.gif burro13.gif burro14.gif burro19.gif
cheeky05.gif cheeky11.gif cheeky15.gif cheeky17.gif digger07.gif
equine09.gif equine12.gif equine13.gif gaggle04.gif gaggle18.gif
gecko01.gif gecko03.gif gecko05.gif gecko10.gif gecko11.gif
gecko14.gif gecko19.gif giraffa06.gif giraffa09.gif giraffa10.gif
glama04.gif glama07.gif glide11.gif glide15.gif gobble08.gif
gobble12.gif gobble13.gif gold05.gif graceful08.gif graceful14.gif
graceful15.gif graceful18.gif guile14.gif hippo02.gif hippo07.gif
hippo09.gif hippo12.gif hippo15.gif horn15.gif hump03.gif
hump04.gif hump10.gif hump16.gif hump18.gif ivory01.gif
ivory02.gif ivory05.gif ivory06.gif java01.gif java08.gif
java10.gif java12.gif java14.gif jaws11.gif jaws13.gif
leo01.gif leo02.gif lodge03.gif lodge16.gif lodge20.gif
lory02.gif lory04.gif lory05.gif masked02.gif masked03.gif
masked08.gif masked12.gif masked16.gif moo03.gif moo10.gif
moo16.gif moon04.gif moon06.gif moon13.gif moon16.gif
nectar02.gif night07.gif nomad05.gif nomad11.gif nomad20.gif
north03.gif north04.gif north09.gif nutty01.gif nutty07.gif
nutty08.gif nutty10.gif nutty16.gif orang02.gif orang13.gif
painted07.gif painted16.gif peck15.gif plump03.gif plump14.gif
plump16.gif polly01.gif polly02.gif polly04.gif polly13.gif
polly17.gif polly20.gif puma05.gif quack01.gif quack10.gif
quills13.gif raven02.gif raven03.gif ribbit08.gif ribbit18.gif
roo02.gif roo20.gif ruby01.gif ruby02.gif ruby03.gif
ruby05.gif ruby07.gif ruby11.gif ruby12.gif ruby18.gif
silverback04.gif silverback12.gif sirenia01.gif sirenia02.gif sirenia03.gif
sirenia05.gif sirenia08.gif sirenia09.gif sirenia10.gif sirenia13.gif
sirenia15.gif slide03.gif song05.gif song15.gif song16.gif
song17.gif speedy01.gif speedy07.gif speedy13.gif speedy15.gif
spots10.gif spring06.gif spring14.gif spring15.gif striped01.gif
striped05.gif striped08.gif striped20.gif suri01.gif suri03.gif
suri09.gif suri12.gif suri13.gif terrapin04.gif terrapin06.gif
terrapin14.gif terrapin20.gif tigris08.gif tookie01.gif tookie02.gif
tookie03.gif toothy01.gif toothy14.gif tsuru02.gif tsuru08.gif
tsuru14.gif tusks10.gif tusks11.gif vixen18.gif wise01.gif
wise03.gif wise05.gif wise10.gif woolly02.gif woolly04.gif
woolly07.gif woolly19.gif woolly20.gif
Trading [2 point] (23 worth 46)
bubbles02.gif bubbles07.gif bubbles08.gif draco01.gif draco02.gif
draco03.gif draco04.gif draco05.gif draco06.gif draco07.gif
draco08.gif draco09.gif draco13.gif favorites02.gif flutter09.gif
prejoin11.gif prejoin41.gif spooky01.gif spooky06.gif white01.gif
white02.gif white06.gif white14.gif
Keeping for Later [1 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Keeping for Later [2 point] (4 worth 8)
jelly01.gif jelly08.gif jelly15.gif jelly16.gif
Specials (keeping) [2 point] (23 worth 46)
event03.gif event04.gif event05.gif event06.gif event07.gif
event08.gif events19.gif holiday07.gif holiday09.gif holiday10.gif
holiday11.gif holiday12.gif layout02.gif layout06.gif layout07.gif
layout14.gif layout16.gif layout19.gif layout20.gif layout21.gif
layout22.gif prejoin12.gif prejoin20.gif
Specials [3 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades [1 point] (3 worth 3)
moon15.gif nectar10.gif north17.gif
Pending Trades [2 point] (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates [1 point] (10 worth 10)
blue19.gif bunny07.gif burro13.gif graceful08.gif lory05.gif
moon13.gif shell07.gif speedy15.gif striped01.gif suri09.gif
Member Cards (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Mastered Sets (150 worth 150)
Crimson Seabird Oink Plumage Shell Anemone Meow Bamboo

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