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Layout: Becky
Card Manager Script: Mandi

Adagielle, a Nature TCG
Be sure to mention Becky if you join!

Collecting &Trading Trading Log & Stats Let's Trade!

Card count: 180
Card worth: 209
Pending: ladybirds15 (level up 4 to 5)
ladybirds 18 & 20 (master nf)
amethyst06 (master earth)
Collecting (47 worth 57)
Niagarafalls (20/20)
niagarafalls01 niagarafalls02 niagarafalls03 niagarafalls04 niagarafalls05
niagarafalls06 niagarafalls07 niagarafalls08 niagarafalls09 niagarafalls10
niagarafalls11 niagarafalls12 niagarafalls13 niagarafalls14 niagarafalls15
niagarafalls16 niagarafalls17 niagarafalls18 niagarafalls19 niagarafalls20
Ladybirds (17/20)
ladybirds01 ladybirds02 ladybirds03 ladybirds04 ladybirds05
ladybirds06 ladybirds07 ladybirds08 ladybirds09 ladybirds10
ladybirds11 ladybirds12 ladybirds13 ladybirds14 ladybirds00
ladybirds16 ladybirds17 ladybirds00 ladybirds19 ladybirds00
Special: Earth (10/10)
earth01 earth02 earth03 earth04 earth05
earth06 earth07 earth08 earth09 earth10
Trading [worth 1] (108 worth 108)
amethyst01.gif amethyst02.gif amethyst03.gif amethyst04.gif amethyst05.gif
amethyst09.gif anemonefish11.gif aurora01.gif aurora02.gif aurora09.gif
aurora17.gif bananas06.gif bananas19.gif beaches10.gif birdeggs09.gif
black07.gif blackbears01.gif blackbears05.gif blackbears19.gif blackberries15.gif
blue03.gif blue16.gif blueberries20.gif bluejays06.gif bluejays17.gif
canyons01.gif canyons02.gif canyons05.gif canyons07.gif canyons16.gif
carrots16.gif cats03.gif cats05.gif cats15.gif cherryblossoms13.gif
clouds08.gif corn11.gif cranberries08.gif daisies17.gif dandelions11.gif
dawn06.gif dawn14.gif dawn16.gif dawn20.gif doves09.gif
dragonflies18.gif emerald15.gif forests04.gif foxes02.gif foxes06.gif
foxgloves10.gif galaxies12.gif galaxies19.gif giraffes06.gif giraffes08.gif
grass07.gif holly17.gif horses13.gif hydrangeas01.gif hydrangeas03.gif
hydrangeas09.gif icicles02.gif icicles05.gif jade20.gif jellyfish01.gif
lakes12.gif laketahoe07.gif lemons09.gif leopards13.gif lilacs11.gif
lunamoths07.gif lunamoths14.gif lunamoths17.gif lunamoths19.gif mapletrees07.gif
mapletrees12.gif meadows20.gif morainelake07.gif morainelake13.gif mteverest05.gif
mushrooms07.gif nebulae12.gif nebulae15.gif pufferfish08.gif rabbits09.gif
rainbows03.gif rainbows04.gif rainforests04.gif rainforests08.gif raspberries01.gif
raspberries14.gif raspberries17.gif roses20.gif seaturtles15.gif snow20.gif
snowdrops16.gif starfish11.gif sunflowers20.gif tanzanite05.gif tanzanite10.gif
tanzanite18.gif twilight05.gif twilight10.gif twilight20.gif volcanoes16.gif
waterfalls04.gif waterlilies15.gif winter14.gif
Trading [worth 2] (17 worth 34)
birdeggs09.gif birthmonth16.gif blizzards06.gif craters01.gif eastereggs05.gif
fossils08.gif hurricanes03.gif hurricanes04.gif jupiter09.gif leafs09.gif
milkyway11.gif neptune01.gif raindrops03.gif venus01.gif venus02.gif
venus07.gif venus09.gif
Puzzles (2 worth 2)
blueeveningstar10.gif sunsetmist06.gif
Site Events [worth 3] (2 worth 6)
layouti01.gif layoutii01.gif
Pending Trades, worth 1 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Pending Trades, worth 2 (0 worth 0)
Currently none.
Duplicates (2 worth 2)
bananas19.gif winter14.gif
Member Cards (2 worth 0)
becky.gif member06.gif
Mastered Sets (0 worth 0)

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